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The Heart of Family is a part of a suite of family-strengthening courses called The Courage Courses ( which were founded by former teen actor, now a Christian husband and father of 6 kids, Kirk Cameron. These posts have been showing in my Facebook feed lately due to some friends “liking” them. They appear to be pretty popular, with this post getting over 200 likes and 42 shares and 4,300 views. The video maybe doesn’t get as many results as something with more “hook” or more of a “clickbait” because it just simply explains their product without much scroll-stopping flash.

Seascape Principles

However, I think they will appeal to their intended audience who value substance and peace more than image and excitement. The video appeals to the seascape principle of Value, in that it promises information that can improve your marriage. It also appeals to the Presentation principle, because people may want others to know that they care about marriage, and about their own marriage and family. It also is great timing with the Zeitgeist principle, because there is so much trouble right now with all kinds of human relationships, as highlighted by the #metoo campaigns and other news. People are looking for a refuge from the turmoil of bad relationships, and they can find that at home if they have a healthy marriage.


The first thing I noticed about this video was the Composition. Most of the video is composed of the husband and wife talking. The background is elegant but simple, and the negative space between them is bright (with the background window light) and forms a sort of heart, or even a downward-pointing arrow that leads our eye toward the CTA at the bottom (Sign up now…).


The Typography for this video is simple, but effective. The lettering is placed outside the video to keep the field clear, and has strong contrast in white on a black field. The top tagline descends just a bit to overlay the video, tying the two together without obstructing the video itself. The top tagline, in particular, is in a friendly handwriting script, which conveys that the video series will be friendly and open, like the typeface.

Rule of Thirds: the two people’s faces sit roughly at the intersection of the top gridlines, lifting our gaze a bit and making the video image feel balanced. The zoom level even places their hands at the lower third intersections, completing the balance for the Rule of Thirds.


The peaceful, cohesive feel of this native video post is effective at conveying what the brand is all about, as they promise to help you learn more about a peaceful, cohesive marriage.