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Save the Storks is a non-profit group that provides free, mobile sonogram/ultrasound services to pregnant women, along with counseling on options other than abortion. I noticed their promoted post in my Facebook feed a while back, and thought the presentation video was effective at cutting through the polarized debate, showing a care and concern for women and a legitimate option for improving birth rates for women in crisis.


Seascape Principles

Presentation Principle – this is an interesting principle for this campaign, because my friend circle includes both sides of the abortion viewpoint, and my individual friends are each solidly in one or the other camp. Therefore, since this video is on the pro-life side of the argument, merely posting it can alienate my friends on the other side. However, the video itself is very pro-woman, it focuses on what real women are going through and offers simply more information to them. I think that this video is so reasonable that it offers a positive presentation for anyone to share, even my pro-abortion friends. Or so I would hope.


Design Analysis

Contrast: this panel serves as punctuation for the video, it is the focus of the message, the key to the program’s success. As such, they have created the frame with contrast from the rest of the video by having it be very plain, with no graphic background. This simplicity makes it stand out, it makes us pause and remember the key message better.

Color: part of the video is a “told story”, a personal narrative of the man’s experience seeing a woman’s life change because she was able to hear the heartbeat of her unborn child. To help it stand out from the rest of the video clips, these clips are shown in black and white. This keeps us clear on where the flashback begins and ends.

Rule of thirds: Much of the video takes advantage of the visually-pleasing technique of the rule of thirds. Here we see a 3×3 grid of baby faces. They could have used 25 faces (or one face), but the usage of 3×3 gives us a sense of balance and that there are many different children that this program helps. Nine is the perfect number here.


I found this to be an example of a well-executed promotion, both in message and in visual display elements. It is uplifting and positive, even though it deals with a heavy topic, and it makes the audience feel that there is something being done about a widespread problem, and even more, that they, the individual, can do something to help as well, by donating to Save the Storks, or even just by learning more and sharing the message with others. So here is their page, go and learn more!

Save the Storks Facebook Page:

Promo video in full: