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The Greeks had two words for time. Chronos, which was measured time — hours, days. And Kairos.

Kairos means a certain quality of time. It means

moments of opportunity,

or abundance,

of inspiration or peace or joy.

Kairos is the “right” time,

the supreme moment.

I have felt those kinds of moments, moments where the universe is pulsing with life, there is harmony in nature and with mankind, where I am grateful just to be a part of it all.

I love those moments. Don’t you?

I’ve made it somewhat of a study to seek and recognize them, as daily life marches on. I’ve learned that there are ways to find more Kairos moments. You have to slow down, you have to learn to observe, and be consciously present. You have to minimize chaos, complications, distractions, over-scheduling, and stress. It takes being willing to swim upstream from the tide of modern society, at times.

When I succeed at removing the complexity of life and living more consciously, more simply, I notice that I live in more abundance in three distinct ways:

  1. Live Simple
  2. Live True
  3. Live and Learn

This is my three-fold life mission, with my family, and it’s a journey. If you’re interested, please join us! Share the journey with us, as I share the everyday Kairos moments I discover.

My hope is that sharing my Kairos moments will help you, also, to see them in your own journey.

Let’s go!