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A Social Campaign Analysis
COMM 315: 06

Instead of “reading the landscape” to understand social media and its changing nature, it is more analogous to read the “seascape”. My husband, like the author’s father in our class textbook, is a longtime surfer, and I know well the fickle nature of Mother Earth’s greatest waters. Nevertheless, like the picture of ocean swells below, there are rhythms and patterns we can use to predict success in our endeavors.

ocean swells


The Campaign

The social media campaign I chose to look at is for my (previous) employer, BYU-Pathway Worldwide. As an online organization, they rely heavily on social media and campaigns to draw in new students and keep returning ones.

This Facebook campaign aims to shed a light on the way the overall Church has been revolutionizing education. It is what could be described as an awareness campaign, to broaden the reach of the program.

Credit: BYU-Pathway Worldwide

The Seascape Principles

One of the seascape principles I’d like to highlight is that of Value. This ad campaign focuses on not so much the information (That the LDS Church has been revolutionizing education) but on the value to the individual, “Find out how these 5 changes affect you!”

I also think BYU-Pathway’s campaigns have great Zeitgeist. There is, currently, a skyrocketing enthusiasm for online education in the global markets. People are open and looking for ways to improve their educations and further job prospects, and the technology (and access) is now here to get a first-rate education anytime, anywhere.

Likewise, I think this campaign touches on that element of Presentation. People want to be seen as having an image of a learner, someone who cares about education, growth and opportunity.


The BYU-Pathway page is well-liked, and its ads are well-shared and liked and have strong click rates.

Credit: BYU-Pathway’s Facebook ad manager. Rights to them.

Clearly, this organization is a natural for social media marketing!


Amber Mitchell
Web Dev Extraordinaire