Home education, simple living, and other ways to swim upstream.



welcome-boatKairos It’s the other ancient Greek word for TIME. It means more than chronos, more than measured hours and days. It means the right time, the supreme moment. It means opportunity and peace and abundance and joy.

Our mission is to help you encounter Kairos in life, at home, in your family education and your personal study, even in your entertainment. We believe there are three main components to this:

Learn to slow down, notice, observe. Live to learn and Learn to live.

Simplify your life, your home, and your schedule.

Seek Truth, for there you will find joy.

Seek out The Kairos Life each day, and live the life you were born to love! Please wander around the site and see examples of all these elements in our articles. We hope they inspire you!

Kairos Moments

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We're just a kooky bunch, sharing the journey of homeschooling, simple living, and truth-seeking.
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